BioEngine - AI- & Web-powered Image Analysis

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The increasingly amount of data generated in life science poses challenges in managing and analysis. The conventional approach for storing and processing scientific data locally on workstations or laptops is failing to met modern needs in applications such as AI-powered image analysis. We would like to tackle the challenge by introducing the BioEngine platform, which is a computational platform consists of containerized services for scalable data management and AI model serving. It is a web platform built on top of the Hypha with an emphasis on serving models for bioimage analysis.

In this project, we aim to develop web services for providing flexible image data management solutions and also model serving in the cloud (private or public). The BioEngine is being used to support the test run feature in the BioImage Model Zoo website (also see the AI4Life project). We aim to provide deployment toolkit for users to setup their own server, either in an institutional Kubernetes cluster or a workstation. Under the AI4Life project, we aim to provide a standard for managing and sharing image data together with the BioImage Archive.

To learn more technial details about the BioEngine, please watch the following video on youtube:

And, you can find the tutorial slides here.

Here, you can also try the BioEngine in an example Jupyter notebook here:

Wei Ouyang
Wei Ouyang
Principle Investigator

Assistant Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology