Welcoming Yanhong Su to the AICell Lab: Spearheading the Self-Driving Microscopy Project

Yanhong Su exploring nature

Welcoming Yanhong Su to the AICell Lab: Spearheading the Self-Driving Microscopy Project

We are delighted to welcome Yanhong Su to the AICell Lab as a postdoctoral researcher. Originally from Guangzhou, China, Yanhong has navigated her way through diverse climates and cultures to join us here in Stockholm. Her deep expertise in oncology, combined with a burgeoning interest in AI applications in the medical field, positions her perfectly for a crucial role in our self-driving microscopy project.

Su’s Academic and Professional Journey

Yanhong’s academic path has led her from Southern Medical University to Sun Yat-sen University, culminating with a PhD from Karolinska Institutet. Her experiences in different cultures and climates, from the warmth of Guangzhou to the cold of Sweden, demonstrate her adaptability and resilience.

Pioneering Work on the Self-Driving Microscopy Project

A Revolutionary Approach to Microscopy

Yanhong will be instrumental in our cutting-edge self-driving microscopy project. This initiative aims to develop an AI-powered system to study cellular responses under genetic and environmental stressors. Working closely with the Jaldén group at KTH and the Lundberg group under the Human Protein Atlas, Yanhong will be at the forefront of developing novel imaging protocols that integrate with this advanced technology.

An Interview with Yanhong Su

Q: Can you share your background and journey so far?

“I’m from Guangzhou, China, and have studied all the way up to my PhD in Sweden. The change in climate was a challenge, but it’s been an incredible journey!”

Q: How does your expertise fit into the AICell Lab’s Self-Driving Microscopy Project?

“My experience in oncology, especially with multiplex IF imaging and genetic editing tools like CRISPR, aligns well with the project’s goals.”

Q: What will be your primary focus at AICell Lab?

“I’ll be developing wet lab protocols for multiplexing IF imaging, adapting these for use with our self-driving microscopy project, and conducting AI-driven smart microscopy imaging.”

Q: What’s a fun fact about you?

“I don’t use a pillow to sleep – quite unusual, I suppose!”

Q: How do you feel about joining AICell Lab?

“Curious! I’m excited about the new opportunities and challenges ahead.”

Q: If you could dine with any scientist, who would it be?

“Definitely Tesla. I’d warn him about Edison.”

A Bright Future Ahead

We’re excited about the unique skills and perspectives Yanhong brings to our team. Her role in the self-driving microscopy project will be pivotal in advancing our understanding of cellular responses and cell fate predictions.

Connect with Su for collaborations or inquiries, and learn more about her role at AICell Lab here.


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