A Landmark Welcome to Songtao Cheng, AICell Lab's First PhD Student

Songtao Cheng with his lovely cat

A Landmark Welcome to Songtao Cheng, AICell Lab’s First PhD Student

We are absolutely thrilled to announce a milestone in the AICell Lab’s journey: the joining of our very first PhD student, Songtao Cheng, this coming October.

Meet Songtao: Our Newest Multidisciplinary Asset

As a lab deeply committed to interdisciplinary research, we find Songtao to be a perfect fit. His background is a rich tapestry of biological wet lab skills, machine learning, and lab automation. Notably, Songtao honed his skills in both computational and biological realms, evidenced by his participation in two iGEM competitions where he led modeling and experimental aspects.

Projects on the Horizon

REEF Smart Microscopy Imaging Farm

Songtao’s proficiency in machine learning and lab automation aligns seamlessly with our ambitious REEF Smart Microscopy Imaging Farm project. His expertise promises to be instrumental in driving the project’s AI-powered control software to new heights.

Self-Driving Microscopy Project

Songtao’s contributions will also be pivotal in our Self-Driving Microscopy Project. His capabilities in real-time image analysis are particularly relevant for this undertaking.

Collaboration: The Heartbeat of AICell Lab

Songtao will collaborate closely with lab members to develop the foundational infrastructure for AI and data-driven imaging systems. He’ll play a vital role in our long-term endeavor of building the Human Cell Simulator.

An Interview with Songtao

Q: Could you provide a brief background about where you come from and your journey so far?

“My academic journey began at Huazhong Agricultural University(China) in bioinformatics. My passion for biological data led me to iGEM competitions, where I further explored machine learning and automation. These experiences steered me towards graduate studies, culminating in my decision to join AICell Lab.”

Q: How do you see your expertise fitting into AICell Lab?

“I thrive in collaborative environments and have a background in machine learning and lab automation. Being easygoing and cooperative, I aim to make meaningful contributions to AICell Lab.”

Q: What do you plan to work on at AICell Lab?

“I’m eager to deepen my understanding of lab automation and artificial intelligence, especially in the context of robotics and control theory. I want to exercise my ability to develop relevant projects.”

Q: How do you feel about becoming a member of AICell Lab?


We warmly welcome Songtao to the AICell Lab family and eagerly anticipate the unique contributions he will make as our first PhD student.

Feel free to reach out to Songtao for potential collaborations or inquiries. Here you can find more information about Songtao.


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