Introducing Linh Duong: Bridging Biology and AI at AICell Lab

We are thrilled to welcome Linh Duong to the AICell Lab family. Linh joins us this October as a Researcher, bringing a unique blend of expertise in both molecular biology and machine learning.

Meet Linh: A Synergistic Addition to AICell Lab

Originally from Vietnam, Linh earned his PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Greifswald, Germany. His academic trajectory uniquely positions him to contribute to AICell Lab’s multidisciplinary research.

Linh’s expertise ranges from molecular and cell biology to advanced machine learning techniques, including generative models like Stable Diffusion. This diverse skill set makes him a valuable addition to our team as we tackle challenges in cell imaging and artificial intelligence.

Research Focus and Contributions

Linh will use his expertise to help AICell Lab set up wet-lab protocols for automated cell manipulation and imaging. He aims to build advanced AI models for image analysis, focusing on creating AI systems capable of driving further experiments in our microscopy imaging farm.

He will work on prototypes of advanced vision transformers, conditional generative models like diffusion models, and explore multimodal embedding techniques such as CLIP. Linh will mainly contribute to the self-driving microscopy project and reef imaging farm project, preparing us for creating massive datasets for the human cell simulator.

Interview with Linh

Q: Could you provide a brief background about where you come from, where you have studied, where you got your previous degree, and if you have some other merit that you want to mention?

“I earned my PhD in Life Sciences from the University of Greifswald, Germany, in late 2014. Prior to that, I obtained both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biology and Microbiology at Hanoi University of Science in 2004 and 2009, respectively.”

Q: How do you think your expertise fits into the AICell Lab?

“I aim to utilize my expertise in molecular and cell biology to establish a cell imaging facility, poised to significantly enhance future research endeavors. Furthermore, I intend to apply my machine learning proficiency to address challenges in the realm of life sciences.”

Q: In an easy-to-understand way, could you describe what you would like to study/learn and work on at the AICell Lab?

“I plan to employ my knowledge in molecular and cell biology to create a cutting-edge cell imaging facility, which can greatly improve future research efforts. Additionally, I intend to utilize my skills in machine learning to tackle issues in the field of life sciences.”

Q: How do you think the upcoming experience at the AICell Lab will contribute to your career development?

“A youthful research team with innovative concepts in the domains of medical biology and artificial intelligence.”

Q: In one word, describe how you feel about becoming a member of the AICell Lab.


Q: If you could have dinner with any scientist, past or present, who would it be and why?

“If given the opportunity to dine with a scientist, my choice would be Emmanuelle Charpentier. In 2020, she received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her groundbreaking contributions to CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. Charpentier’s unyielding creativity and diligence led to her well-deserved Nobel Prize recognition. I deeply admire her courage, intuitive insights, and steadfast commitment to adhering to empirical evidence, even when it challenged established paradigms. Engaging in a conversation with her would offer a remarkable chance to explore her thoughtful scientific approach, her strategies for overcoming challenges, and her profound insights into genetics and the research process. Undoubtedly, such a dialogue would serve as a wellspring of inspiration for my own scientific pursuits.”

Looking Ahead

We are eager to see how Linh’s contributions will propel AICell Lab’s mission forward. Please join us in giving Linh a warm welcome to the AICell Lab family!

Feel free to reach out to Linh for potential collaborations or inquiries. More information about Linh can be found here.


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