Wei Ouyang

Wei Ouyang

Principle Investigator

Hi, I’m Wei Ouyang! I work as an assistant professor in the Applied Physics Department at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m also thrilled to be a Data-Driven Life Science fellow. Right now, I’m leading a team that’s super excited about building AI systems to power next-generation life science.

I earned my PhD at Institut Pasteur in Paris, where I transit my career from engineering to life science. I had a blast applying deep learning to advanced microscopy. The highlight? Creating a deep learning method named ANNA-PALM that boosts super-resolution microscopy speed by a whopping 100x!

After my PhD, I spent four great years as a postdoc with Emma Lundberg’s group. During that time, I focused mainly on image analysis method development and whole-cell modeling using generative AI models. I led the analysis for the Human Protein Atlas Image Classification competition on Kaggle and participate in the design of the HPA Single Cell Image Classification. We gathered AI experts from around the globe to tackle these image analysis tasks.

I am a strong supporter of open science! I’m the founder of ImJoy, an open-source platform designed to make deep learning tools super user-friendly. I’m all in for making science more open, scalable, and accessible, which is why I co-founded the BioImage Model Zoo initiative and the AI4Life consortium to share AI models in bioimage analysis.

I’m enthusiastic about AI-augmented microscopy imaging and data-driven whole-cell modeling. The future in these areas is so promising, and I can’t wait to see where we go next.

Feel like chatting? I’d love to hear from you!