Gabriel Reder

Gabriel Reder

Postdoc Researcher

Hi there! I’m Gabe. I grew up in San Francisco but have hopped around a bit, living on the US coasts and in Sweden for the last few years. I’m deeply excited to be here at the AICell Lab.

After leaving home, I studied computer science and applied mathematics at university before completing a PhD in bioengineering at Stanford University. During my graduate studies, I worked in Michael Fischbach’s group focusing on computational metabolomics and mass spectrometry data. I later moved to Gothenburg, Sweden and worked on robot scientists in Ross King’s group at Chalmers University.

I’m always excited to find new ways of applying core tools from computer science, math, and software engineering to make new discoveries. During my time at Chalmers, I explored automating ion mobility mass spectrometry, running lab robots, and applying automated reasoning approaches. I’m fascinated by the idea of using laboratory robotics, analytical instrumentation, simulation, and computation to change how we conduct research. I strongly believe in open science and am excited to work with high-throughput microscopy data here at AICell Lab.

Research Interests

  • Laboratory Automation
  • Computational Biology
  • Autonomous Scientific Discovery

Personal Interests / Hobbies

  • Hiking
  • Robotics
  • Reading

Read a welcome post with an interview with Gabe here: Introducing Gabriel Reder: A Dynamic Postdoc Researcher Joins AICell Lab.

  • PhD in Bioengineering, 2016-2021

    Stanford University

  • MS in Applied Mathematics, 2014-2016

    Columbia University

  • AB in Computer Science, 2010-2014

    Princeton University