AI for Cell Biology Laboratory

AI for Cell Biology Laboratory

Headed by Wei Ouyang

Science for Life Laboratory Science for Life Laboratory

KTH Royal Institute of Technology KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Welcome to the AICell Lab, a dynamic research group within the Science for Life Laboratory and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, spearheaded by Wei Ouyang. Our work is at the intersection of artificial intelligence and life sciences, fueled by the visionary Data-Driven Life Science initiative. We are dedicated to the design of intelligent AI frameworks that transform cell and molecular biology research.

Our Mission: To seamlessly integrate AI with cell and molecular biology, driving forward the ambitious endeavor of human cell modeling and fostering the generation of deep, actionable insights.

Our Vision: To set the standard in crafting comprehensive human cell models, catalyzing breakthroughs in in-silico experimentation, propelling forward drug discovery, and deepening the comprehension of cellular intricacies.

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Research Interests
  • AI
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Whole-cell Modeling
  • Drug Discovery
  • Augmented Microscopy
  • BioImage Analysis
  • Distributed Computing
  • Open Source